Business Background, Focus and Concept

PS GLOBAL MEDIA is incorporated and developed by multitasking professionals which have 23 years experiences in sales, marketing, business development, and system development at healthcare/pharmaceutical business of top multinational and top ten local company. I developed 1 new division of top multinational company, 1 new division of the market leader local company in Indonesia ( develop the business concept, team and implement the concept) and I new local company from zero by setting up the business concept and system, product portfolio, human resources, training program, business execution in the field) which become one of top local company in Indonesia.

PS GLOBAL MEDIA  has meaning Professional Services for Global Company whom needs Media (local  company partner) to develop their business and transfer knowledge to Indonesian market. We are also media for local company to develop their business together. Partnership is our soul.

Develop Business and Knowledge Together is our business tag line, as we want to develop business which content of high knowledge for sharing to others. The products and services must have scientific research and development

Business Focus and Concept

Marketing and Business development of gold standard products and services Network development cooperation with professional association and other institution to provide affordable products/services Develop business and market for health, wellness, sport, software solution, management education and consultancy four business lines : PS Wellness PS Solution PS Multimedia

Our Business Lines : Based on Our Expriences  in Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Consulting



PS Wellness

Wellness  Retail Stores


PS Multimedia

Media and Publishing


PS Solution

Digital Media and Software


To be marketing and selling network company for lifestyle health care and sport products

PS GLOBAL MEDIA market the lifestyle health care and sport products by developing on line and off line network system.

To be marketing and selling company for publishing media.

PS GLOBAL MEDIA develop marketing network to sell publishing media of health care, sport, lifestyle and management by on line and off line network system

To be marketing and selling company for software and digital solution products – services

PS GLOBAL MEDIA develop network to market software, on line solution and solution system for lifestyle  health care, sport and education area.




To be the right partner of local and international organization in doing the right way of business

Develop Business and Knowledge Together
PS GLOBAL MEDIA has mission to develop business and knowledge as one system. All the products and services must be a gold standard system in the industry area.

Develop marketing and selling network company
PS GLOBAL MEDIA develop system and network by on line and off line. We are developing network with the professional association in lifestyle, health and sport area.

Develop market for lifestyle health and sport products
PS GLOBAL MEDIA develop network for lifestyle health and sport products. We look for partnership with health care and lifestyle products company.

Develop market for software and media publishing products
PS GLOBAL MEDIA develop network for software, digital online products, publishing and media products. We look for partnership to develop business and knowledge.


9 Company values for our business team is combination of business and spiritual attitude.

PATIENCE : do the business with patience and focus to the better results

LOVE : Love your work with all your heart, all your soul and all your strenght

PEACE : Your work show favor favor toward you and give you peace

GOODNESS : Goodness and better life shall follow us all the day of our work

FAITHFULNESS : Great is your faithfulness in your work.

JOY : Our heart leaps for joy and happiness in our work and social life

KINDNESS : Do the business with kindness to your partner

GENTLENESS : Treat your business partner with gentleness and give win-win approach

SELF CONTROL : Do the business with self control for sustainable business


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